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Our motivation, our goals

Thanks for visiting Skewlbuoy.

Skewlbuoy is inspired by life.

Skewlbuoy symbolizes the realization that the highest level of success in life is through the awareness and appreciation of our worlds' beauty and diversity, the knowledge of self and the application of potential.

Skewlbuoy clothing aims to dress the unique go-getters all over the globe, with intelligent designs that reflect the mind state of its wearers.

Here at Skewlbuoy we sincerely believe that nothing is more lethal than an aesthetically pleasing and knowledgeable individual, they are indeed almost extinct. Too much conformity in the world is drowning the individual and unique beings we are.

If you want to make a statement to the world...
If you are tired of bandwagon, pop-culture driven fashion...
If you are looking for a breath of fresh air...

Look no further...

Join the movement...and as you read this, welcome to the 1st day of a new era.

It is time to step into the new future with a novel take on things.

Skewlbuoy the movement is now established in Berlin(Germany), Manchester(UK), Edmonton(Canada) and Amsterdam(Netherlands).

Our Mission

To give the socially conscious fun loving individual the tools he/she needs to survive in a multi-cultural and unpredictable world.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a global brand that celebrates the diversity of our planet using all facets of urban life i.e. clothing, music, web media, sports, philantropy etc.

Using popular culture as a vehicle to transmit positive ideologies, we hope to bridge borders and gaps (geographic, demographic, political and more) by celebrating values we have in common as the human race, and at the same time appreciating what makes each of us unique.

Skewlbuoy embodies and will continue to embody that voice that dares to speak even when the odds are stacked against it.

We hope all kinds of people irregardless of race, culture or orientation will find solace in knowing that they are part of a larger movement, a movement that looks to the FUTURE with optimism, enjoys the NOW but will never forget to learn from the PAST and what it teaches us.

Live life with commitment, hardwork and passion, we promise to engineer the props with the same.

Artist Interviews

G-Eazy interview

"Artists are just not as experimental and daring.. They're trying to follow a formula and make a song that sounds just like the last hit that went #1. I definitely wanna bring something new..."

Favorite Skewlbuoy tee:
"Paint Splash Red T"



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